Path 4: Along the borders to the riverhead Elbe

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Main points: Černý Důl - Špindlerova bouda – Petrova bouda – pramen Labe – Labská  bouda – Martinova bouda – Špindlerova bouda – Černý Důl

Lenght of the walking tour: 18 km

Highest peak: Sněžné jámy (Snowy holes) 1489 metres above sea level

You can go by car or by bus from Černý Důl to the village Špindlerův Mlýn. If you go by bus, you have to change for another local bus up to the chalet Špindlerova bouda. If you go by car, drive through the village up to the pike. You can buy a permit for driving up to the parking place of Špindlerova bouda. Then go in the direction of Petrova bouda, Dívčí kameny, Mužské kameny, Sněžné jámy (Snowy Holes) by red marked path up to Česká budka. Pass over to yellow marked path up to Prameny Labe (riverhead Elbe), then cross to green marked path to Labská bouda, Martinova bouda and go back over Mužské kameny, Petrova bouda to Špindlerova bouda. Here you finish your trip.